Wireless Network

Wireless Network


 MPR Technical Services was contracted by BMS Electrical to provide technical solutions for a large fruit farmer in Kent, one of the largest industrial fruit and vegetable suppliers in the region. With the expansion of their business and the construction of a new office and warehouse, the client required a comprehensive network infrastructure that could meet their current needs and support future growth.


The new office and warehouse space needed a robust wireless network that could cover both areas effectively to eliminate any potential black spots, as uninterrupted connectivity was essential for seamless operations. Additionally, the entire building required a full fit-out of a CAT6 network and server installation to ensure fast and reliable connectivity.


Recognising the importance of a future-proof network, MPR Technical Services designed a comprehensive solution that addressed the client’s requirements. The solution included the installation of a high-quality wireless network throughout the entire office and warehouse space. To ensure coverage without any dead zones, a detailed heat map survey was conducted, guiding the placement of Ruckus Wireless network points.

In addition to the wireless network, MPR Technical Services installed a full fibre network throughout the building. This involved carefully routing the cabling through ductwork to protect it and maintain the aesthetics of the facility. The expertise of our experienced engineers ensured that the appropriate equipment was installed right from the start.

Agriculture Warehouse

Agriculture Warehouse


MPR Technical Services successfully implemented the designed solution, meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations. The heat map survey allowed for the precise placement of Ruckus Wireless network points, ensuring that the entire space had a reliable Wi-Fi connection without any black spots. This was crucial for the smooth operations of the business.

Furthermore, MPR Technical Services installed a CAT6 network throughout the office and warehouse space. The network was designed, tested, and terminated through ducts, providing a secure and organised solution. Three data racks/cabinets were installed at separate locations, including the Plant room, Grader Office, and main Comms Room. Each cabinet included a fibre ring with Cisco switches to connect to the network.

To ensure an uninterrupted power supply, each data rack/cabinet was equipped with a UPS. This added layer of protection safeguarded the network and prevented any potential data loss or downtime.

The successful implementation of the wireless and wired network solutions provided the client with a reliable and high-performance network infrastructure. With the advanced networking solutions delivered by MPR Technical Services, the client can confidently manage their day-to-day operations and accommodate future growth.


MPR Technical Services demonstrated their expertise and authority in delivering advanced networking solutions for a new office and warehouse space. By designing and implementing a comprehensive wireless and wired network infrastructure, MPR Technical Services ensured that the client’s business operations would run smoothly and efficiently.

With their professional and innovative approach, MPR Technical Services successfully met the client’s requirements and exceeded their expectations. This case study serves as a testament to MPR Technical Services’ ability to deliver compatible systems for new build or refurbishment projects. Their commitment to providing high-quality network solutions that are both current and future-proof ensures that clients can rely on their expertise for their technical integration needs.

Cat 6 cabling plus cabinet

Cat 6 cabling plus cabinet