What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a form of electronic display used to show information, advertisements, and other visuals to an audience, which is a powerful tool for promotion. It plays a vital role in enhancing communication in a wide range of business settings such as leisure and hospitality to corporate offices to enhance the atmosphere, informing and educating staff, and engaging visitors across different business settings.

Digital Signage is the versatile tool is ideal for sharing announcements, product promotion, displaying interactive content, and can take various forms such as TVs, projectors, tablets, and kiosks, making it a dynamic communication solution for businesses.

How Can Digital Signage Benefit My Business?

It revolutionises business communication by transforming how you engage with staff and clients. Through visually captivating displays, real-time updates, and a professional atmosphere, it impresses clients, informs staff, and enhances product marketing. Moreover, by reducing the reliance on printed materials, digital signage not only saves costs but also contributes to a more sustainable and efficient communication strategy.

Immerse your business in the future of advertising and branding with our cutting-edge digital signage solutions. Enhance customer engagement, streamline communication, and boost brand awareness effortlessly using our robust advertising display technologies. Stay ahead with real-time updates and interactive displays, creating a vibrant and professional atmosphere. Say goodbye to traditional paper-based methods and embrace a sustainable and cost-effective communication strategy that will elevate your business to new heights. Let MPR Technical Services be your partner in achieving excellence today.

Photo Credit: KU Bar London IPTV / TriplePlay Deployment

Why choose MPR Technical Services

Our team will design an advertising display and digital signage solution tailored to engage your audience and enhance your branding. With experience across various sectors like Hotels, Leisure, Entertainment, Bars, Nightclubs, and Corporate Offices, we cater to all your needs. We offer a all industry leading ranges of hardware and software solutions such as platforms like Triple Play, BrightSign, and Vitec (Exterity), ensuring your project’s success.

Effective communication plays a pivotal role in the success of any organisation. At MPR Technical Services, we understand this importance and work closely with our clients to ensure that their message is effectively communicated across their premises. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing comprehensive consultations, professional installation services, tailored training programmes, as well as ongoing maintenance and support. With our commitment to excellence, we strive to help you maximise the potential of your digital signage system and enhance communication within your business environment.

Whether you’re looking to create a professional and inviting atmosphere for clients or keep your staff informed and educated, MPR Technical Services has the digital and retail signage solutions you need to take your business to the next level.

Photo Credit: MPR Technical Services Install of a TriplePlay IPTV and Digital Signage Solution for the UK Flag Ship UFC Gym

Who Should Use Digital Signage?


Signage solutions are especially advantageous for hotels and other hospitality establishments, enhancing guest experiences by welcoming them and offering essential information like directions, menus, and event schedules. Additionally, digital signage can display images, promotions, and contribute to enhanced security measures. Partnering with MPR Technical Services guarantees that your digital signage system is not only correctly set up but also optimised for peak performance, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for both guests and staff.


Retail signage solutions play a crucial role in engaging potential customers within stores and shopping centres. Through dynamic content showcasing products, services, videos, images, and customer testimonials, businesses can effectively capture attention and drive sales. Implementing digital signage in your store not only offers an interactive experience but also boosts customer engagement and brand visibility. At MPR Technical Services, we offer customised solutions to meet your specific requirements, supported by our team of experts who provide guidance and assistance to guarantee the seamless operation of your signage system, ultimately enhancing your retail environment and customer experience.

Photo Credit: The Lalit Hotel London – IP TV and Digital Signage Solution from MPR Technical Services in one of their suite rooms

Leisure and Entertainment

Digital Signage is the ultimate tool for captivating patrons and visitors at leisure or entertainment venues, delivering vibrant messages that leave a lasting impression. Whether for menus, travel information, TV, or video displays, digital signage ensures information is eye-catching and memorable. Integration with backend systems enables real-time updates, such as removing sold-out items from menus. With a wealth of experience ranging from small venues to large stadium installations, MPR Technical Services is well-equipped to provide comprehensive solutions for any scale of deployment, enhancing the overall experience for both businesses and their audiences.


Signage solutions are invaluable assets for corporate offices, enhancing professionalism for clients and providing essential information for staff. A well-executed signage system keeps employees informed about company updates, news, and promotions, fostering a cohesive and informed workforce. At MPR Technical Services, we offer an extensive range of digital signage solutions tailored to keep your business at the forefront of innovation. Our dedicated team of experts collaborates with you to guarantee precise installation and optimal performance of your signage system, ensuring seamless communication and a productive work environment.

Photo Credit: 3 screen layout at KU Bar In London – These screen swap from Videos, Signage to Menu Pricing