Why Choose MPR Technical Services?

MPR Technical Services are one of only a handful of firms offering blown fibre solutions directly to the end user business. We have heavily invested in the latest installation hardware, civil engineering equipment and training to enable us to deliver fibre in a way that’s never been possible before outside of an ISP.

At MPR Technical Services, we take pride in the quality of our work and our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. Whether you’re looking for a complete blown fibre installation or need support with existing infrastructure, our team is here to help.

Photo Credit: MPR Technical Services Team “Blowing” fibre optic cabling at the The Historic Dockyard Chatham – The Dock yards is a vast business park, Blown fibre brought an ease of installation and flexibility that’s never neen possible before. With a network of tubes and ducts, fibre can be sent around the site quickly and easily connecting services such as CCTV, IP and internet up without civils or timely installation.

What Is Blown Fibre??

Blown technology is a method of installing fibre optic cables by using compressed air to blow the individual fibres through a tube. This technique allows for efficient and flexible installation of fibre optic cables, as the cables can be installed in non-linear paths and around obstacles such as corners and curves. Blown fibre technology is also designed to be easily scalable, allowing for additional fibres to be added as needed. This method is commonly used in building and campus networks, as well as for fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) installations.

One of the main advantages over fibre optic cable is its flexibility. When fibre is blown it can be easily installed in existing ducts and conduits, making it a popular choice for retrofitting buildings with high-speed internet access.

Another advantage is its scalability. As more data is transmitted, additional fibres can be blown into the existing tube, providing greater bandwidth without the need for additional infrastructure. Fibre optic cable, on the other hand, may require additional cables or infrastructure to accommodate increased data demand.

Photo Credit: MPR Technical Services were recently commissioned by Aliaxis to upgrade their entire Lenham infrastructure, MPR won the contract due to the benefits of blown Fibre over traditional installation techniques. Overall over 80KM of fibre have been installed over their vast manufacturing and logistics site

Why Opt For Blown Fibre Over Traditional Installation??

Compared to traditional copper cabling, this technology has several advantages, including:

Faster Installation: Blown fibre technology allows for quicker installation of cables, as the fibre optic cables can be blown through up to 1km per drop with an unlimited amount of drops in a single deployment. This reduces the overall installation time and minimises disruption to the building.

Scalability: As more data is transmitted, additional fibres can be blown into the existing tube, providing greater bandwidth without the need for additional infrastructure.

Flexibility: Blown fibre installation provides greater flexibility when it comes to upgrading or replacing fibre optic cables in the future. The pre-installed ducting can be used for multiple fibre optic cables, allowing for easy expansion of the network.

Reduced Costs: The use of pre-installed ducts and the ability to install multiple cables in a single deployment reduces the overall cost of installation.

High Data Transfer Speeds: Blown fibre technology provides a high-speed data transfer rate of up to 100 Gbps, which is superior to traditional copper cabling.

Improved Reliability: Blown fibre technology is less prone to signal interference and signal degradation, making it a more reliable solution for high-speed data transfer.

Photo Credit: A tube chamber junction box – Bringing in a large 24 tube spine and breaking out to various routes and locations. There is more than enough spare capacity to route an unbroken fibre from any point on a site to any other end point in hours vs weeks or months if new cables needed to be dug in!

Why Blown Fibre From MPR Technical Services:

  • Full Project Management
  • Principle Contractor
  • Sub Contractor
  • Full Civils Team
  • No Project to Small
  • Fully Qualified
  • Fully Insured
  • Vast and Varied Experience In Blown Fibre Installation
  • A Team Who Really Care

Photo Credit: Our Civils Team working with the engineering team to pull the “tube” into ducts that had been installed at Aliaxis 

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