Big Jig Toys, a well-established toy manufacturing and wholesaler firm based in Kent, faced unexpected hurdles during the implementation of their new wireless LAN infrastructure. With their internal IT team unable to continue the project due to unforeseen circumstances, they turned to MPR for assistance. This case study examines how MPR stepped in to complete the project, highlighting the challenges faced and the successful solution implemented.


Big Jig Toys had already initiated the rollout of their wireless LAN for their warehouse and building links. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, they were unable to complete the project. With the need for a functional wireless network to support their operations, the Operations Director, Sam, approached MPR for a timely resolution.


MPR, a trusted provider of technical services integration, was eager to assist Big Jig Toys. With extensive experience in working with Ubiquity Wireless Hardware and switches, as well as expertise in warehouse wireless installations, MPR was well-equipped to handle the project.

The main challenge faced by MPR was the complex layout of the warehouse, which consisted of multiple buildings combined with dense ceiling height racking throughout. Additionally, the materials stored in the warehouse, primarily high-density hardwood toys, posed difficulties for RF signal propagation. To ensure full coverage and reliable wireless connectivity, meticulous planning and deployment were essential.

MPR devised a comprehensive solution that involved the installation of a Wireless Point to Point bridge and 14 Access Points throughout the warehouse


MPR IT successfully completed the cabling work, physical installation, configuration, and testing required for the project. The Wireless Point-to-Point bridge and 14 Access Points were strategically positioned to provide optimal coverage throughout the warehouse, overcoming the challenges posed by the complex layout and high-density materials.

The implementation of the wireless network has brought numerous benefits to Big Jig Toys. Firstly, it has improved operational efficiency by enabling seamless communication and data transfer between different areas of the warehouse. This has streamlined the inventory management process, allowing for faster and more accurate order fulfillment.

Furthermore, the wireless network has enhanced the overall productivity of the employees. With reliable connectivity, staff members can access real-time information and collaborate more effectively, leading to faster decision-making and improved customer service.

In terms of future scalability, MPR has ensured that the wireless network is designed to accommodate any future growth or expansion plans of Big Jig Toys. The solution implemented is flexible and scalable, allowing for the addition of more Access Points if needed.


MPR IT effectively stepped in to complete the wireless LAN project for Big Jig Toys when their internal IT team faced unexpected challenges. Through careful planning, deployment, and utilisation of their expertise in warehouse wireless installations, MPR successfully overcame the hurdles posed by the complex layout and high-density materials.

The implementation of the Wireless Point-to-Point bridge and Access Points has resulted in improved operational efficiency, increased productivity, and enhanced communication within the warehouse. Big Jig Toys can now benefit from seamless communication, faster decision-making, and improved customer service.

MPR’s solution also allows for future scalability, ensuring that Big Jig Toys can expand and grow without any limitations.

Overall, MPR IT’s expertise and professionalism have proven to be invaluable in completing the project and providing Big Jig Toys with a reliable and efficient wireless network solution.

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