Video Conference

Don’t let outdated technology and cumbersome setups hinder your productivity and collaboration. Take the step towards implementing a modern and efficient boardroom video conferencing system and unlock a world of possibilities for your company.  In today’s fast-paced business world, effective communication and collaboration are key to staying ahead of the competition. With remote working becoming increasingly common, companies need to adapt their boardrooms to facilitate seamless video conference experiences. This case study explores how MPR IT Solutions successfully implemented a cutting-edge boardroom video conferencing system, transforming our meetings into highly productive and efficient sessions.


MPR IT Solutions was struggling with an outdated video conferencing setup that hindered productivity and created frustration among employees. Connecting a laptop to the screen and using a desk phone for voice communication was cumbersome, time-consuming, and often resulted in technical difficulties. We recognised the urgent need to upgrade our boardroom to a more user-friendly and versatile video conferencing solution.


To address their challenges, we decided to invest in a comprehensive video conferencing system that would revolutionise our boardroom experience. After thorough research, we opted for a tailored solution that included the following:

1. Large 45-inch Screen: A high-definition screen was installed in the boardroom, providing a clear and immersive video conferencing experience. The large size ensured that all participants, both in the room and remotely, could easily see and interact with each other.

2. Internet Connectivity: The screen was connected to the internet, enabling seamless integration with Microsoft Teams. This allowed for smooth screen sharing, file sharing, and voice collaboration, enhancing the overall meeting experience.

3. Logitech Conferencing System and Sound Bar: To ensure crystal-clear audio and video, we installed a Logitech conferencing system and sound bar. This state-of-the-art equipment provided high-quality sound, eliminating any communication barriers and ensuring that every participant could be heard clearly.

4. Webcam: A high-quality webcam was incorporated into the system, guaranteeing a clear and visually immersive experience for all meeting participants, both in the boardroom and remotely.


The implementation of the new boardroom video conferencing system brought about significant improvements for MPR IT Solutions. The once cumbersome and frustrating setup was replaced with a streamlined and efficient solution. Here are the key results:

1. Easy Meeting Setup: With the new system, setting up for a meeting became a breeze. No more struggling with connecting laptops or dealing with technical difficulties. Our employees could simply walk into the boardroom, start their meetings, and focus on the task at hand.

2. Enhanced Visual Experience: The large 45-inch screen provided a captivating visual experience for all meeting participants. Whether they were in the room or attending remotely, everyone could easily see each other and engage in meaningful discussions.

3. Clear Audio and Seamless Collaboration: The Logitech conferencing system and sound bar ensured exceptional audio quality, making conversations seamless and natural. Communication barriers were eliminated, allowing for effective collaboration and idea-sharing.

4. Effortless Content Sharing: Through the integration with Microsoft Teams, we could effortlessly share content during meetings. Screen sharing and file sharing became simple and intuitive, enabling smoother collaboration

5. Improved External Communication: The new video conferencing system allowed us to easily connect with external attendees. Whether it was clients, partners, or remote employees, everyone could join the meeting with ease and participate fully in the discussions. This enhanced external communication strengthened relationships and facilitated more effective collaboration.

6. Cost and Time Savings: With the previous setup, we had to allocate time and resources to set up and troubleshoot video conferences. This occasionally resulted in delays and disruptions to meetings. However, with the new system, the setup time was reduced to a minimum, and technical difficulties were virtually eliminated. This saved valuable time for employees and increased overall productivity. Additionally, the streamlined setup and improved efficiency translated into cost savings for the company.

7. Increased Employee Satisfaction: The implementation of the boardroom video conferencing system greatly improved the overall meeting experience for MPR IT Solution’s employees. The frustration and inconvenience of the previous setup were replaced with a user-friendly and reliable solution. Employees felt more empowered and confident in their ability to conduct successful meetings, leading to increased satisfaction and morale.

8. Future-Proofed Technology: MPR IT Solutions made a strategic investment in its video conferencing capabilities by choosing a scalable and adaptable system. This future-proofed their technology, ensuring that we could easily incorporate any advancements or updates in the future without significant disruption or additional costs.


In conclusion, the implementation of a tailored boardroom video conferencing system brought about a multitude of benefits for MPR IT Solutions. From easy meeting setup and seamless collaboration to improved external communication and cost savings, the new system proved to be a valuable asset for the company. Not only did it streamline the process of connecting and sharing content, but it also enhanced overall meeting experiences for employees. With this future-proofed technology in place, we can confidently navigate the evolving landscape of video conferencing and ensure they stay at the forefront of communication and collaboration capabilities.

If your company is faced with similar challenges in your boardroom meetings, it’s worth considering the implementation of a tailored video conferencing system. By partnering with MPR, a reputable IT solutions provider, you can create a setup that caters to your specific business needs and objectives. Whether it’s upgrading your video and audio capabilities, integrating with collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams, or improving external communication, a tailored solution can bring about a range of benefits for your company.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you design, supply, and install a system that meets your unique requirements, or if you would like a demonstration of our conference room solutions. Together, we can revolutionise your boardroom meetings and empower your employees to work smarter and more effectively.