Saga Holidays, a British tour operating company catering to individuals aged 50 and over, approached MPR to install a reliable wireless point-to-point bridge between two of their sites in the South East of the UK.   The existing wireless link had failed, and Saga required a redundant connection that could provide at least 100 MB duplex bandwidth between their UK Head office and the remote site. 


Saga Holidays had previously relied on a leased fibre circuit to connect their UK Head office to a remote site. However, when the existing wireless link failed, they were left without a backup connection in case of a mainline failure. This posed a significant risk to their operations, as any disruption in connectivity could lead to loss of data, communication breakdown, and ultimately impact their ability to provide seamless services to their customers. Saga Holidays needed a reliable and redundant link that could ensure uninterrupted connectivity between their sites.


Saga Holidays approached MPR, a trusted provider of wireless network solutions, to address their connectivity needs. MPR conducted a thorough survey of the sites and utilised their advanced wireless link planning tools to determine the most suitable hardware and configuration. After careful evaluation, MPR, with their expertise in wireless network solutions, recommended the use of a Cambium Networks 5 GHz link, which proved to be the ideal choice for Saga’s requirements.

The Cambium Networks 5 GHz link was chosen for its ability to provide the required bandwidth with excellent performance, while also keeping costs manageable. MPR recognised that a Microwave link could be an alternative solution, but after considering Saga’s specific requirements and budgetary constraints, the 5 GHz product emerged as the better fit. This solution not only met Saga’s immediate need for a redundant link but also offered scalability for future growth and expansion while keeping costs manageable.  Although a Microwave link was considered, the 5 GHz product emerged as the better fit for Saga’s specific requirements.


Following the implementation of the wireless point-to-point bridge, Saga Holidays now has a reliable backup connection between their UK Head office and the remote site. In the event of a mainline failure, the wireless link automatically steps in, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and minimizing any potential downtime. This has significantly enhanced Saga Holidays’ operational efficiency and reliability, as they can now confidently rely on a backup connection to maintain seamless communication and data transfer between their sites.

The chosen Cambium Networks 5 GHz link has proven to be a highly effective solution for Saga Holidays’ specific needs. It not only meets their bandwidth requirements but also offers excellent performance and cost-effectiveness. The implementation of this wireless link has not only addressed their immediate connectivity challenges but also positioned Saga Holidays for future growth and expansion.

MPR’s expertise and experience in wireless network solutions played a pivotal role in the successful implementation of this project. Their thorough survey and utilisation of advanced planning tools ensured that the solution was tailored to Saga Holidays’ unique environment and requirements. By partnering with MPR, Saga Holidays benefited from a trusted and reliable Technical Services Integrator who managed and delivered a compatible system that met their connectivity needs.


MPR’s successful implementation of the wireless point-to-point bridge at Saga Holidays showcases its expertise in delivering innovative and reliable network solutions. By recommending the Cambium Networks 5 GHz link, MPR IT provided Saga with a cost-effective and scalable solution that meets their specific requirements. This case study serves as a testament to MPR’s ability to understand and address the unique challenges faced by its clients, delivering tailored and efficient solutions that enhance operational efficiency and reliability. For new build or refurbishment projects in need of a Technical Services Integrator, MPR stands as a trusted partner with the expertise and experience to manage and deliver compatible systems.

Saga Holidays