Saint Johns Catholic School in Gravesend is a renowned educational institution known for its commitment to providing quality education in a nurturing and inclusive environment. Located in Gravesend, Kent, this school holds a strong foundation in Catholic values and principles, creating a holistic approach to education. With a dedicated team of educators and staff, Saint Johns Catholic School offers a comprehensive curriculum, emphasizing academic excellence, spiritual development, and character formation. The school strives to create an atmosphere where students can thrive intellectually, morally, and socially, preparing them for success in their future endeavors.


The school embarked on a project to upgrade its access points (APs) in order to provide a high-quality wireless network for its students and staff. As a trusted Technical Services Integrator, we were contacted by the Senior Network Engineer to perform a wireless survey and recommend the best solution for their needs.

The school faced a pressing issue as 21 of their current APs were reaching their end-of-life (EOL) and needed to be upgraded. Additionally, recent building works created the need for a wireless survey to identify any black spots and determine the optimal deployment of the new APs. Despite the in-house engineer’s assurance of available high-level free network ports, we needed to remain vigilant in case new CAT6 points were required.


To address the school’s wireless network requirements, we conducted a comprehensive wireless survey to identify any areas of poor coverage and determine the best locations for the new APs. Based on our findings, we recommended upgrading the current Unifi setup with 32 Ruckus Unleashed R550 dual-band access points and 3 Ruckus Unleashed R650 dual-band access points. These APs were complemented with accompanying watchdogs to ensure efficient network management.

Ruckus Access Point


Following the installation of the Ruckus access points, Saint Johns Catholic School now boasts a site-wide, high-quality wireless network. This upgrade has significantly improved the connectivity and performance of devices used for educational purposes. Students and staff can now seamlessly access online resources, collaborate with peers, and utilise technology for learning purposes. The reliable and robust wireless network has created a more productive and efficient learning environment, enabling the school to effectively integrate technology into its curriculum.

Additionally, the upgraded access points have addressed the issue of black spots, ensuring that every area of the school premises has access to a strong and stable wireless connection. This has eliminated any connectivity issues or disruptions, allowing students and staff to fully utilise the benefits of a wireless network.

The deployment of the Ruckus Unleashed APs has also provided the school with scalability and future-proofing capabilities. With the ability to support a large number of concurrent users and high-bandwidth applications, the wireless network can accommodate the school’s future growth and technological advancements.

By choosing us as their Technical Services Integrator, Saint Johns Catholic School has benefited from our expertise and commitment to delivering compatible systems. Our professional and innovative approach ensured that the upgrade project was completed successfully, meeting the school’s specific needs and requirements.

In conclusion, the upgrade of the access points at Saint Johns Catholic School has resulted in a high-quality wireless network that enhances the learning experience for students and facilitates efficient communication for staff. With improved connectivity, scalability, and future-proofing capabilities, the school is well-equipped to embrace the advancements of technology in education.