The Enterprise Foundation, a charity organisation providing office rental services, recognised the need to offer secure and fast wireless internet to both their full-time residents and guests. They approached MPR, a leading Technical Services Integrator, to design and install a wireless point-to-point network bridge solution that would meet their requirements.


The Enterprise Foundation had several specific needs that had to be addressed in implementing the wireless network bridge solution. Firstly, they wanted to track and monitor visitors’ internet usage while also being able to restrict their viewing and bandwidth. Additionally, as a charity organisation, they needed to maintain a strong brand presence throughout their network. Furthermore, the solution had to be scalable to accommodate their growing physical site size and the number of sites covered by their services.


MPR took on the challenge and developed a comprehensive solution to meet The Enterprise Foundation’s requirements. Leveraging their expertise and cutting-edge technology, MPR deployed hosted servers and Ubiquity Access Points (APs) with managed switches and routers. These components formed the foundation of a robust and secure wireless network infrastructure.

To address the need for visitor tracking and bandwidth management, MPR implemented a hosted wireless capture portal. This portal allowed The Enterprise Foundation to monitor and control user access, track internet usage, and restrict bandwidth as needed. Additionally, MPR worked closely with The Enterprise Foundation to ensure that its branding was prominently displayed throughout the network, creating a cohesive and professional user experience.

Results and Benefits

By implementing MPR’s wireless point-to-point network bridge solution, The Enterprise Foundation experienced numerous benefits. Firstly, the solution provided high-speed and secure internet connectivity to both their full-time residents and guests, enhancing their overall experience. The hosted wireless capture portal allowed for effective visitor tracking and bandwidth management, giving The Enterprise Foundation control and visibility over network usage.

Furthermore, MPR’s solution proved to be scalable and easily expandable. As The Enterprise Foundation grew and added new centres, the rollout of the wireless network bridge solution was quick, easy, and cost-effective. This ensured that the foundation could continue to offer its services without compromising on quality or performance.


MPR’s expertise and innovative approach to designing and implementing a wireless point-to-point network bridge solution enabled The Enterprise Foundation to meet their connectivity needs effectively. With a robust and scalable infrastructure in place, the foundation can provide reliable and secure internet access to its clients, ultimately enhancing their overall experience. MPR’s solution not only addressed The Enterprise Foundation’s specific requirements but also provided them with full control and visibility over their network, ensuring seamless operation and customer satisfaction.

The Enterprise Foundation