The Green School London faced a significant challenge when it underwent a major rebuild in 2020. With temporary classrooms in place, the school would be without internet connectivity for an extended period of time. This presented a significant hurdle for the students and staff, as reliable internet access is crucial for modern learning experiences. Recognising the importance of addressing this issue, The Green School London turned to MPR Technical Services for a solution. MPR Technical Services specialises in providing innovative networking solutions, and they proposed the installation of a point-to-point wireless bridge using TP-Link CPE510 devices.


The temporary classrooms at The Green School London posed a significant hurdle as they lacked internet connectivity. In today’s digital age, inadequate internet access can severely impact learning outcomes. Additionally, the absence of proper infrastructure hindered the school’s ability to provide high-speed internet access to its students and staff. Upgrading the existing network infrastructure was not only expensive but also time-consuming.


To address these challenges, MPR Technical Services deployed an affordable and easy-to-install Point-to-Point Wireless bridge using TP-Link CPE510 devices. This solution offered a cost-effective way to connect the temporary classrooms and ensure uninterrupted internet access across the campus.


The MPR Technical Services team meticulously installed the Point-to-Point Wireless bridge, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout the temporary classrooms. The TP-Link CPE510 devices enabled reliable and secure networking, allowing for high-speed internet access in even the most remote areas of the campus.


The installation of the Point to Point Wireless bridge at The Green School London yielded numerous benefits for both the school and its stakeholders:

1. Increased Network Speed and Reliability: Students and staff now enjoy a significant improvement in network speed and reliability, enabling them to access online resources and collaborate more effectively.

2. Improved Connectivity between Remote Offices: The Point-to-Point Wireless network bridge facilitated seamless communication and data transfer between remote offices within the school, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

3. Reduced Network Downtime due to Weather Conditions: Unlike traditional wired connections, the wireless bridge was not susceptible to disruptions caused by adverse weather conditions, ensuring uninterrupted internet access even during storms or heavy rains.

4. Enhanced Security Measures for Data Transfer: The Point-to-Point Wireless bridge implemented robust security protocols, ensuring the safe and secure transfer of sensitive data between different locations within the campus.

5. Improved Communication and Collaboration: The high-speed internet access provided by the wireless bridge enabled better video conferencing quality with reduced lag time, allowing for real-time discussions and decision-making.

6. Faster File Sharing: The seamless connectivity offered by the wireless bridge allowed team members to transfer large files quickly and without any delay or interruption, facilitating efficient collaboration.

7. Greater Flexibility in Remote Work Options: The wireless bridge empowered team members to work remotely from any location within the campus, enabling them to collaborate seamlessly and improve overall productivity.

Once the building works were complete and the classes at The Green School London had moved to their new building, the team from MPR Technical Services returned to relocate the Point to Point Wireless bridge to a permanent position. This ensured that the improved connectivity and all the benefits it brought would continue to be available in the future. The seamless transition of the wireless bridge to the new buildings guaranteed uninterrupted internet access and maintained the high-speed network connectivity that the school, its staff, and its students had come to rely on. By adapting to the changing needs of the school, MPR Technical Services demonstrated its commitment to providing reliable and secure connectivity solutions.


The case study of MPR Technical Services’ installation of a point-to-point wireless bridge at The Green School London serves as a testament to the numerous advantages this technology brings to businesses and educational institutions. The solution provided high-speed and reliable internet access, eliminating the need for costly infrastructure investments. Decision-makers in similar situations should consider implementing point-to-point wireless bridges as a cost-effective and efficient solution for their connectivity needs. This technology not only improves network speed and reliability but also enhances communication, collaboration, and overall operational efficiency. With the ability to securely transfer data and facilitate seamless file sharing, point-to-point wireless bridges offer a flexible and convenient solution for businesses and institutions alike. By investing in this innovative technology, organisations can ensure a reliable and secure connection that meets their networking needs.

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