Warehouse Efficiency


Rego Autoparts, a leading supplier of re-manufactured steering components based in Paddock Wood, Kent, and a long-standing customer of our sister company MPR IT Solutions, approached MPR Technical Services for support.

Rego Autoparts was facing challenges with their handheld scanners in their large industrial warehouse, which was affecting their stock management processes. MPR conducted a site survey and provided a tailored solution to address these issues and improve the overall efficiency of their operations.


Rego Autoparts operates a large warehouse spanning 13,000 square feet, with high metal racks that store their stock. Every day, a staff member on a forklift scans all the items in the warehouse using a handheld scanner to ensure accurate stock levels. However, due to the size and layout of the warehouse, the scanner would frequently lose connection to the network in certain areas, known as black spots. This resulted in valuable time being wasted as the staff had to find a location within the warehouse where the scanner could reconnect to the network. Furthermore, the internet connection in the warehouse was significantly slower than the main office, causing delays in data transmission.


To address the connectivity issues, MPR IT conducted an extensive site survey, including a heat survey to identify hot spots within the warehouse. Based on the findings, MPR recommended the installation of an internal mesh of WiFi access points throughout the warehouse. This would eliminate the black spots and ensure uninterrupted connectivity speeds for the handheld scanners.

In addition to improving internal connectivity and warehouse efficiency, MPR IT also proposed the installation of a point to point wireless bridge network on the roof of the warehouse. This network would directly connect the warehouse’s network via line of sight to the main office building, providing a faster and more reliable internet connection. By upgrading the internet speed from 2mbps to 10mbps, the stock check process would be significantly accelerated.


Following the implementation of the recommended solutions, Rego Autoparts experienced significant improvements in their warehouse operations. The installation of the internal mesh of WiFi access points effectively eliminated the black spots, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for the handheld scanners. As a result, the staff no longer had to waste time searching for network connectivity within the warehouse.

Moreover, the installation of the point-to-point wireless network on the roof of the warehouse greatly enhanced the internet connection speed. With the upgrade from 2mbps to 10mbps, the data transmission between the warehouse and the main office became much faster and more efficient. This improvement in internet speed further accelerated the stock check process, allowing Rego Autoparts to manage their inventory more effectively.


MPR Technical Services successfully addressed the connectivity challenges faced by Rego Autoparts through their expertise in technical services integration, improving warehouse efficiency. By conducting a thorough site survey and implementing a tailored solution, MPR IT improved the overall efficiency of Rego Autoparts’ warehouse operations.

This case study illustrates the importance of partnering with a Technical Services Integrator like MPR to ensure seamless integration of compatible systems. MPR analytical and data-driven approach, supported by evidence-based solutions, resulted in significant improvements in Rego Autoparts’ stock management processes. This case study serves as a testimonial to MPR Technical Services’ capabilities in managing and delivering successful projects for new build or refurbishment projects in need of technical services integration.  Contact us today to discuss any connectivity issues you may be having.