Stevens Construction Case sTudy


Since 2011, MPR IT Solutions has been providing Stevens Construction with comprehensive support, including day-to-day IT assistance, domain registrations, anti-virus software, and Office 365 support. Recognising the successful partnership between MPR IT Solutions and MPR Technical Services, Stevens Construction chose to engage both companies for larger projects. This collaborative relationship ensures seamless communication and an enhanced understanding of the work required, as well as continued support for any future needs. With MPR Technical Services and MPR IT Solutions working together, Stevens Construction can confidently rely on their expertise and comprehensive solutions.


Based in an office within the grounds of the home of the owner at Stevens Construction, the company made the strategic decision to relocate to new premises to accommodate their expansion. The existing office space was no longer sufficient to meet their growing needs, prompting the search for a new location. This relocation would not only provide Stevens Construction with a larger office space across two floors but also allow for further expansion as the company continues to grow.

In addition to the decision to relocate, the building was also planned to be subdivided, providing an opportunity for Stevens Construction to rent out any unused space. This strategic move would not only optimise the utilisation of the new premises but also generate potential additional revenue. To ensure the new office meets their requirements, a comprehensive update of the existing infrastructure is necessary. This includes the installation of new cabling and access points, implementation of advanced security systems, integration of electronic door control, deployment of a modern phone system, and provision of leased lines for seamless connectivity. These updates will enable Stevens Construction to operate efficiently and effectively in their new office space.


After conducting an initial consultation and reviewing the plans and requirements, MPR Technical Services presented a cost-effective solution by repurposing hardware equipment from the current office for use in the new premises. This approach not only met the physical needs of Stevens Construction but also stayed within their budget. Working alongside the team at Stevens Construction, MPR Technical Services successfully completed the following projects:

  • CCTV installation
  • Security alarms
  • Paxton door entry system
  • Cat 6 cable network with access points
  • Hosted phone system for 9 users
  • Relocation of the server

The implementation of a hosted phone system provided the freedom to relocate offices and make changes with minimal disruption to clients, unlike a traditional phone line. Additionally, the integration of softphone software offered the flexibility to answer calls in the office, on a mobile device, or from a computer equipped with speakers and a microphone.


The project was highly successful, resulting in Stevens Construction successfully relocating to their new premises in Marden. The new office space, spanning two floors, provided ample room for expansion. MPR Technical Services played a crucial role in updating the infrastructure, implementing CCTV, security alarms, a Paxton door entry system, a Cat 6 cable network with access points, and a hosted phone system for 9 users. The repurposing of hardware equipment helped meet the project’s requirements within budget. The implementation of the hosted phone system ensured flexibility and minimal disruption during office moves. Overall, the project showcased MPR Technical Services’ expertise in delivering compatible systems for new build or refurbishment projects.