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Whether it’s an internal or external, single or multiple managed wireless solution you require, MPR Technical Services have the right solution for you. Working with market leading brands such as Ruckus, Cambium Networks, Siklo and Ubiquiti, our trained and accredited engineers will survey, design, implement and manage your wireless requirements.



From a single internal access point to a multiple warehouse managed WiFi deployment or an external Point-to-Point or Point-to-MultiPoint solution – MPR Technical Services have the skill set and products for a smooth, seamless solution. 

Without a true understanding of your requirements, it is difficult to provide a total solution.  Therefore, we initially hold a consultation to establish your end goals. We can then carry out a paper survey of the building, if drawings are available, as well as a full site survey. Once we have that information to hand, working to your budget, we can begin designing your tailored solution. Upon agreement of the end solution, deployment can begin, along with the configuration and support of your fully managed WiFi network.


With an average of 2.2 devices per user these days, it is imperative to install the right wireless network for you.

Intelligent WiFi

From a single access point to a fully managed multiple point solution, we have the products and skillsets to deploy a tailored wireless network. Using brand leaders such as Ruckus and Ubiquiti, we can ensure both your guest and private networks are created with the necessary capacity to service the amount of users expected to login.

Point-to-Point and Point-to-MultiPoint

When you need to connect existing buildings and a leased line or structured cabling isn’t the answer, we can survey, design, install and support a line of sight connection.  Working with leading manufacturers such as Cambium Networks and Siklu, to name just a couple, we can design and connect multiple sites using point-to-point technology, a faster and more cost effective solution.

MPR TS carried out a short survey across our multiple sites around the town. The actual installation took a matter of hours and using our Wireless hardware we could obtain a strong and fast 300 mbps bi-directional connection to each of the 4 targets around the town.

Malvern St James School

Due to restrictions within the city and costs, the use of a BT optic fibre or leased line network would not be suitable. Wireless was the perfect answer to connect four different buildings together with Point-to-Point Wireless technology. Taking into consideration an existing mobile phone infrastructure, public access, historic buildings and a railway.

The King's School, Canterbury

“Make our hotels Internet stable, fast and most importantly give us back something we can use.” – MPR TS developed a managed package with known hardware that was then rolled out to all 13 hotels, replacing the old unmanaged solutions.

MStay London Hotels

Should you wish to take advantage of our paper based survey service, please contact us with plans of your site and leave the rest to us.

Once a heatmap has been created, it will clearly display where we need to position the WiFi Access Points in order to provide the most productive intelligent wireless coverage.