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The ultimate In Flexibility
Using the latest Cloud PBX systems brings businesses of all sizes the ultimate in telecom flexibility



A hosted telephone system brings the ultimate in flexibility, with a minimal initial capital outlay, along with an easy to manage monthly subscription.

Are you looking to improve and streamline your communications across multiple offices or to a remote team? A hosted telephone system creates a professional first impression for your customers no matter the size of your business. MPR Technical Services hosted cloud-based telephone system is the ideal solution.


Simple integration to onsite services such as a CRM or MS Outlook, mean contacts and caller details automatically pop up when they’re on the phone.

Business or Hospitality Phone Systems

MPR Technical services are highly experienced in both design and deployment of large scale telecoms solutions for residential, commercial and hospitality phone systems.

From the latest connected solutions from the likes of Vodafone and Gamma, to a more simplistic hosted VoIP solution we can ensure that the design meets your requirements and ensure it is correctly deployed to your organisation and end users.

For Hospitality we can also supply and install On-Premise PBX solutions that integrate with any existing BMS hotel operation software such as Oracle.

Mobile Phones

Everyone seems to own a mobile phone and for businesses MPR Technical Services can ensure that your team are connected and working at any time. With the latest handsets and offerings from the entire market, the best solution will be tailored for your needs.

The hosted telephone solution from MPR has saved us money and transformed the way in which we operate our telecoms


MPR Technical Services support our entire comms within the Hotel. From the IP Phones, SIP trunks and all our mobiles. One bill, all our services.

The Lalit London

We recently went to market for a “One solution” phone system. The offering that MPR Technical Services provided was the best price and provided the ultimate in flexibility. The trump card for us, they not only thought about telecoms but our entire digital requirements, this put them leaps and bounds ahead of any of the competition!

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