Structured Cabling – When it goes wrong

Structured cabling in any construction or renovation project is paramount in this day and age.  There is much to consider in the design and implementation of a structured cable network.

A recent report in BBC News shows just how costly and time consuming it can be when the planning goes wrong.  Berlin Brandenburg airport was due to be opened with much fan fare in 2012. However, reported to have approximately half a million faults, the airport is still not open.  It is in fact now expected to be opened in October 2020 which is a full 8 years beyond its expected date.  Faults in the construction project range from issues such as incorrect light bulbs, fire doors and systems not working, to the most notable fault within the project – the structured cabling.  This has been described as “the worlds worst tangle of badly installed cabling”.

Since the failed opening of the airport a huge amount of work has needed to be carried out – including replacing hundred of kilometres of new cables. This is extremely costly and time consuming, the estimated cost of the project is up to at least €6bn from its initial projection of €2bn.  Many have argued it would have been cheaper and quicker to abandon the project and start from the beginning.

Here at MPR Technical Services we understand that at the start of any project a detailed consultation meeting is vital to discuss the requirements and how the space is expected to be used.  This is followed by regular meetings to discuss any changes that might be needed, whether this is the clients decision or a decision that our highly experienced and qualified engineers believe is needed.

By involving MPR Technical Services from day one of your project you can be assured that the design and installation of the network will serve the purpose it is intended for.  Working with clients such as Fortnum & Mason as their preferred cable installation supplier and more recently with UFC Gyms UK on the first gym of its type to be opened in the UK, MPR Technical Services will ensure that your project is built from the network up to be fit for its purpose.

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