MPR Technical Services recognising Day of Reflection

Today marks one year since the start of lockdown.  The last 12 months have been nothing like anyone has ever experienced before. Our team will today be taking a minute to reflect how everyone throughout the world has been affected by the pandemic and of course the lives sadly taken too soon.  No-one ever envisioned the way the next few months would turn out, let alone the next year.

Everyone has been affected in some way – no longer able to visit family and friends, concerns about how they may be affected directly or indirectly, and key workers being recognised for their dedication. With everyone ordered to stay at home, some being furloughed and the dreaded home schooling, it has affected everyone in some form. With the planned roadmap to the end of lockdown including the amazing vaccination program taking place, we truly hope that we can start to see family and friends again soon.

IT Engineers are often overlooked as key workers, and we would like to recognise the hard work and dedication of our team.  From initially supporting our sister company MPR IT Solutions in setting up businesses to work from home, to creating work bubbles to enable us to go onsite to support our customers and their IT Infrastructure throughout the lockdown.  Our team of engineers have shown dedication and professionalism at all times.  The projects completed have allowed many businesses to remain open and trading.  MPR Technical Services provide IT Solutions across all market sectors including care homes, schools, manufacturers and food chain suppliers, who all rely on our support. The team have worked extremely hard over the last 12 months, we couldn’t be prouder of all their achievements through this tough year.