IPTV and Digital Signage – How can it enhance your business?

IPTV and Digital Signage – How can it enhance your business?

The year 2020, has without a doubt been a strange one!! As I write this the government has announced that restrictions are to be further relaxed from 1st August. Encouraging people to return to the office and with less restrictions on commuting.

What does that have to do with IPTV and Digital Signage you ask? Engaging with staff and customers within your premises is going to be really important in the future.

IPTV networks and Digital Signage are used increasingly in our daily life.  On the commute at train or bus stations, on London Underground, visit to the Gym, shopping trips, staying in a Hotel or even a visit for that post lockdown haircut.  All of which we are hopefully able to start doing again,

With so much information available to us in today’s world: Internet TV/Radio adverts, Emails (personal & business) it can make us all feel overloaded.  Key information is easily missed or overlooked on a personal level and it is exactly the same for your customers.

With a network of TV screens, centrally controlled and easily managed – it is now easier than ever to get your message seen.

Using Digital Signage or IPTV networks allows you to communicate key or promotional information to both staff and customers, depending on your business. Promotional posters are time consuming to update and with technology advancing they are much less effective than eye-catching content on screens such as streaming promotional videos, web content, key information or digital/terrestrial TV and radio.  Adverts at travel hubs are no longer posters but now they are a network of IPTV.  Now visualise this technology promoting your own videos and information content at your company.

More and more offices are installing networks to communicate internally with information on productivity, staff availability, general H&S information along with company news. With more staff returning to the office reminders of social distancing can easily be displayed at regular intervals.

Why MPR Technical Services?

MPR Technical Services are experienced in working with you from early planning stages in the design – ensuring that the network of screens is perfect for your business. Our team are experienced on projects in the early construction planning stages, and with well established offices looking to install a new network. Partnering with leading brands we are able to design, install and support networks from 1 – 150+ screens.

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