Fibre Optic or Copper Cabling Network?

Structured Cabling

In todays modern world, businesses from all industries rely heavily on technology.  Cloud based Software, Hosted telephones, Audio Visual/IPTV, CCTV, Access Control are all commonplace and rely on a cabling network.

Often hidden from sight, the structured cabling network can be overlooked as an important factor to your business. If the network cannot cope with demand your business cannot function to its full potential.

Design and install a network today for your business tomorrow

Structured cabling is the backbone of your network.  It is important to consider not only how your business exists today but also future goals.  Factoring in expansion or investment in new software and hardware, means the network will be in place and ready for additional demands.  Avoiding disruption and additional costs further down the line.

Fibre Optic or Copper Cabling?

Choosing the right cabling for your network depends on your unique requirements as no two networks are the same.

Data and Electrical Transfer:  If you require your structured cabling to carry both electrical current and data, reducing the number of power resources in the building then you Copper cable is the best option.  Fibre Optics will only transfer data across the network.

Signal Quality and Speed:  For a network across a large campus or separate buildings, requiring excellent signal across a greater distance then Fibre Optic is the preferred choice.  Copper cabling will still provide a high quality of speed, however after 100 metres the quality will start to degrade.  Unlike Fibre which can be installed across miles.

Cost: It is often assumed that Fibre Optic is much more expensive than Copper.  This is not necessarily the case, when taking into consideration the needs of your network today and tomorrow.

What else needs to be considered in your network design?

Switches, routers, firewalls, patch panels, comms cabinets – all need consideration and are at the heart of your infrastructure. Getting them right is critical to safe-guarding your data and making sure your network operates to its maximum potential.

Why choose MPR Technical Services?

MPR are specialists in the installation of structured cabling networks. Our engineers are trained in the use of our own sophisticated splicing and testing equipment to produce the highest quality fibre optic connections.

With our certified and reliable team of installers, MPR has detailed knowledge and experience of structured cabling design, installation and termination of fibre optic and copper networks, along with auditing and testing existing networks to identify any faults.

We can cater for anything from a handful to over 2500 points across any number of floors or buildings future proofing your business.

MPR are highly experienced in choosing the right equipment for your business, we discuss your requirements and then select a range of hardware that fits perfectly. Using only high-grade branded cabling and switches exceeding industry requirements with 25+ year guarantee.

  • Complete multi-system integration specialist
  • Offering multitude of ongoing support options
  • Ability to complete projects out of normal business hours subject to client requirements
  • Dedicated Account/Project Managers

Our team have experience in working a wide variety of projects. From new construction projects alongside other trades through to working on older existing business premises.  Contact our team today to discuss how MPR Technical Services can future proof your network.